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This Is What To Say When A Girl Says She's Not Good Enough For You

Feeling like we are not good enough destroys every aspect of our life. Without some confidence, we are scared to do everything and it makes the roads in our life blocked. Among girls, feeling not good enough is a very common phenomenon. Girls, with their society standards, are more prone to not feeling good enough. […]

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What to Say to A Girl After Not Talking for A Couple Days

It’s hard to find a word after all the silence that makes you and her move further apart. This distance will slowly break the relationship between you two. How do you make the emotional distance go away? When it comes to closing the distance, you need to be smart with your words so that she […]

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This is How to Comfort A Girl Who Was Sexually Assaulted

Sexual assault often goes unreported. Many girls around the world will have to deal with the aftermath alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way so here’s how to comfort a girl who was sexually assaulted: 1. Believe Her You have to let her know that you believe everything she said. Sexual assault is […]

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What Not to Say to Spanish Girl - How to Get A Girl

Maybe you are living in a foreign country right now and it somehow feels like a minefield. Or you just happen to have a new Spanish female friend and have no idea how to deal with her It really is easy to fall back on stereotypes about Spanish girl. It could be comments about lazy […]

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Things You Should Never Say to A Woman on Her Period or There Would Be A War

Period is a topic that women know best. After all, they’re the ones who experience it. For most of the time, it can be grueling. A period is not always easy to deal with. So try to avoid these things you should never say to a woman on her period. You’re being really extra, are […]

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What to Say When Your Girlfriend Thinks You Don't Care About Her But Actually You Do

Girlfriends are the light of any boy’s life. For him, she is someone he can confide in, feel loved by, and someone he can call a best friend. But what if all your attempts to love her isn’t replied? This is usually because deep down she is insecure that you do not care about her […]

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