15 Tricky Psychological Ways To Make Someone Love You

Last updated on May 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

When someone ask you this question: "Why do you love them?" The answer seems simple but also a bit tricky. We know the answer but we also don't know.

Maybe it's the way they look at me? The way they smile? That sweet smelling hair? Simply, we can't tell why we love them.

But we should dig into this deeper out of curiosity. What actually can make someone fall in love? Well, it's all about the psychological games. Easy to be played and has a huge impact. This is important for you who are finding Ways to Make Your Boyfriend's Parents Like You from the first meeting?

So what are the psychological ways to make someone like you and how could it be done? Find out the answers below!


1. Copy Their Behavior

Scientists call this the mirroring methods. By mimicking the person you talk to, it increase their like to you. It has been proved through a research that people tend to like it when someone is copying their gesture, the way of talking, and the body languse because you are paying attention enough to them.

2. Spend More Time With Them

spend more time with them

It's another Scientific Ways to Make Someone Fall in Love with You. Always be with that person, because people like other people who they are familiar with. When you see that person often, you become more comfortable each day and get to know that person more. Just don't overdo it and follow them anywhere.

3. Compliment Them

Who don't like to be complimented? It's a form of appreciation that everyone wish. Tell them only good things and point out the good qualities in them. Remember that you reap what you sow. If you say good things about someone, all the good things will come to you in return.

4. Look Bright And Smile

Happiness is contagious, so does smile. Be a person that always spread the positive energy around. That is how you can make everyone to easily fall in love with you. The logic is, with whom you would rather be? A happy person or the sulky ones?

5. Responds To Them

Show them kindness to catch their attention. Pay attention to whatever they talk about and give respond to each of them. It may a simple thing, but it means a lot. To keep your relationship with loved one good, you can do this as Ways to Make Your Husband Fall in Love with You All Over Again.

6. Reveal Your Flaws

Nobody in the world are perfect. Each of us has flaws, that is why we got sick every time we hear someone thinks highly of themselves. Tell them that you have flaws too, and reveal it one by one as you talk. Not to bring yourself down but to increase your value in front of them that you are an honest person.

7. Emphasize The Similarities

emphasize the similarities

People get along better with someone who shares similarity with them. Try to find what kind of similarity you both have: values, culture, or interest. Keep bringing them up in you talk to emphasize the connection between both of you.

8. Touch Them Casually

Not being rude to touch a person (especially when you meet them for the first time), but let it happen naturally. Throw some jokes to make them laugh, and touch them lightly as the part of the interaction. Touching their shoulder lightly wouldn't hurt.

9. Positioned Your Body To Them

How your body posed when talking to them is also important. To make someone loves you, positioned your body to face them. This way they can see you better and you can do another tricks easily. Ah, don't forget to smile a lot. It's the How to Know Someone Likes You Secretly.

10. Give A Positive Impression

You must be curious of what someone thinks about you when you are talking to them. So do they. Maybe it's not too obvious, but they always looking at you to search for the answer. So make sure you always give them the positive feedback so they won't be feeling that you dislike them.

11. Tell A Secret

If you have known this person for a while, then it's safe to entrust them with a secret. It doesn't have to be some top secrets of yours, but enough to make them feel important. You can add, "I only tell this to you because I don't think I can trust others."

12. Show Them You Are Trustworthy

A secret paid by a secret. After telling them your secret, they will usually tell theirs too. It can be their tricks to test your trustworthiness. Prove that you can be trusted with secret.

13. Have Some Sense Of Humor

have some sense of humor

You must be like it to be around someone who is funny and know how to make others laugh. Do that to them too. Don't be hesitating to throw some funny jokes and make them laugh out of their heart.

14. Ask About Themselves

Make them the center of attention between you two. As many question about them and let them take their time to talk about it as long as they want. The more they talk about themselves, the more like you since they know you are listening.

15. Show Them You Like Them

Even though you don't, show them that you like them. Laugh a long, complimentary, and mimicry, that is all things to show that you like a person.

So those are all the psychological ways to make someone love you. You can do this not only to your crush or to someone you love, but also to your boss or you colleague. Now that you have know the tricks to make others fall in love by playing with their mind, you can easily recognize the Signs of a Co Worker Falling in Love with You secretly because they constantly do some of the things above.

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