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5 Possible Reasons Why You Were Ghosted by Your Crush

When you get closer to your crush, they might give you hope for a serious relationship. You and your crush might have ever gone to several dates, hangout together, and spent time together. They might be given you a pretty good attention, have the same hobbies with you, and anything else that makes you fall […]

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How To Get Over Someone You Never Dated - It Is Time To Move On!

We must have had some feelings to someone. We might like someone, look at their pictures every day, dreaming of dating with them. They also became our motivation on doing our activities, work, and make our day brighter whenever we see them. But sometimes, if we keep our feelings for a long time, we can […]

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6 Most Common Signs a Woman Is Attracted to You

Knowing about someone who likes us or is attracted to us, will certainly be fun for some people. But some may feel uncomfortable about it. Both men and women, usually they have their own most common signs when they start to like and be attracted to someone they like. Sometimes, whether you realize it or […]

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The Best Answer When Someone Says I Miss You - Love Quotes

We often find ourselves in a confusion when we are faced with a certain condition or situation that we never expected before. No. I am not only talking about the job interview or other things. Because it can be as simple as someone words to you. Such as when someone is saying that they miss […]

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What to Do When Your Crush Unfollows You on Instagram - Move On from Them!

Instagram remains one of the most popular social media around the world. It also comes in handy in your daily life too, as you use it to keep up with the life of everyone you know or adore. Which is why following your crush on Instagram is a must. That’s how you know what they’re […]

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8 Logical Reasons We Want Shawn Mendes to Be Our Boyfriend (or Even Husband!)

Girls, what would you say when someone ask you what kind of guy is your dream guy? Some would probably list things such as tall, fair, have abs, etc. But we all know that few would probably say, ‘Someone like Shawn!’, or even ‘Shawn!’. This guy has truly captured a lot of ladies' heart by […]

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Best Answers When A Girl Say, 'You Don't Even Know Me. How Can I Be in a Relationship with You?

What is the best answer to when a girl say, 'You don't even know me. How can I be in a relationship with you? Well, this is the type of question that girl can use to test a man or to simply indirectly say it to him that she is not interested. But, this question […]

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How To Get Your Kpop Idol To Notice You On Instagram

Do you love Kpop Idol too? There're lots of fans who love Kpop Idols because they are very talented, handsome also awesome. These are the ways on how to make a Korean man fall in love with you. So, what is your Kpop Idol? And how to get your Kpop Idol to notice you on […]

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I Am in Love with My Straight Female Friend. What Should I Do? Should I Tell Her? I Have Strong Feelings?

Falling in love with someone who you know will return your feelings is always painful, but so is being in love with a friend (especially if it's a best friend.) At this point you might be in a dilemma. You're probably thinking, "I Am in Love with My Straight Female Friend. What Should I Do? […]

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How Do I Know If My “Straight Friend” Has Feelings for Me? We Have Done Some Things Only Gay Guys Will Do but He Says He Is Straight

First of all, what do you define as "things that only gay guys will do"? A man might think that cuddling with another man is considered something only gay guys do, but in this society where the idea of a fragile masculinity has started to become more recognized, it could be that he just doesn't […]

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