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How Long Should You Know Someone Before Dating Them?

Having crush on someone and make it official in a relationship are two different things. When you have a crush, you have nothing to lose and you are not tied by commitment. But things are different when you have agreed on dating. You have out yourself into a commitment that may change your life. As […]

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Things You Need to Know Before You Go with Him for Travel

While you date someone, the picture of traveling with him seems magnificent. Imagine witnessing all those beautiful scenery together would be an unforgettable moment for both of you. But do you know that someone's true color appear when they travel? It's not a presumption but it's a fact. Going together with your boyfriend somewhere would […]

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Things You Need to Know Before You Date a Sarcastic Girl (Must Read!)

Among millions of language in the world, one of them is sarcasm language. Yes, more and more people are becoming “fluent in sarcasm”. And a sarcastic girl is irresistibly charming in certain ways. But it requires more than courage to date her. You have to be wicked and smart at the same time she won’t […]

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6 Absolute Things You Need to Know Before You Date A Leo

Before we decide to date someone, we will do a little survey or analysis toward our crush. By doing this kind of analysis, we will be able to see whether he or she is the right person for us. Basically, to see the compatibility between us and our crushes. This will somehow affect and determine […]

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6 Applicable Things You Need to Know Before You Date A Libra

Once you get to know someone you like, surely there are some things you need to know before you date a Libra. By get to know some of this things, you surely able to get to know your partner better. Aside from that, you can also see the compatibility between you and your crush. This […]

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Things You Should Know Before You Date Someone with Depression (Important!)

It's no secret that depression is something hard to carry. Dating someone with depression can be challenging yet intimidating. The sight of your loved one fighting it, suffering in between while you are unable to help them is hurtful. Whenever it comes, they would only talk about negative things, talking bad about themselves like they […]

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6 Important Things to Know Before Going on A Tinder Date

There are some condition where we are faced with a hard time during a relationship. For example, long distance relationship, real reasons why dating an only child is difficult, and many more factors or problem that may make the relationship become more difficult. Nowadays, there are a lot of dating apps that we can try to […]

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How To Tell Your Brother When You Are Dating His Best Friend

Some brothers are ecstatic to know you’re dating their best friend. However, some brothers will be very upset. It all depends on how he sees it and how he feels about his best friend. No brother wants his sister to get their heartbroken. So break the news gently to your brother. Here’s a guide that […]

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Important Things To Know About Someone Before You Date Them

Nobody wants to date the wrong person. So that some people wouldn't officially start any relationship unless they have known a few crucial things about their significant other. It's not that they are looking for perfection, but this is important so that you will not feel betrayed or being lied. Everyone has their own important […]

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Things to Know Before You Date an Entrepreneur - An Ambitious Partner

Establishing a business as well as creating a start up company has become a trend nowadays. Thus, we sight young entrepreneur everywhere. Running your own business is more interesting than working at a company with steady income. If you are successful, you will become rich faster. If you are looking at a young and charming […]

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