8 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You

Cheating in a relationship is a sensitive theme. As we know, not only men who usually cheat in a relationship but many women also do it. Anyone who becomes a victim of cheating will certainly feel a deep hurt. Especially if one’s lover cheats with one’s best friend. This time we will focus on a […]

Why Do I Want My Boyfriend to Cheat On Me? Is This Normal?

Most relationship starts with a smile, hug, and kiss. It started when you both can no longer look at each other just as a friend, you can no longer spent your day without thinking about that person at least once. Then you both decided to move on to the next stage, dating each other with […]

Should You Give Another Chance for Your Cheating Partner? Or Should You Just Leave Them Behind?

The “Once a cheater, will always be a cheater” term relates in most broken relationship but when we love someone so much, it can’t always be used. The depth of relationship is the measure of how deeply in love someone is. And once someone reaches this level, forgiving a cheating lover might happen. However, if […]

How Do You Handle Moving Past The Cheating And Giving It Another Chance? Should You Give Them Another Chance?

Love is the most interesting topic, one that is sudden happens while he is cheating on you. So, how do you handle moving past the cheating and giving it another chance? Should you give them another chance? It is not easy to give them another chance, but deep in your heart, you want to give […]

I Have A Strong Feeling My Boyfriend Is Cheating On Me. How Can I Find Out?

The feeling that we have and feel is not changing without any reason. When you feel sad of course there is a reason that can explain why you feel that way. The same thing applied when you start questioning I have a strong feeling my boyfriend is cheating on me. How can I find out? […]

Why Do I Always Think He’s Cheating When I Have No Proof?

One bad experience can totally change the way we look at something. The same thing happens within a relationship. Once you get hurt, once you get cheated, you must have closed yourself long enough to trust others. You start to look at the signs on how to know if your Aquarius man is cheating and […]

What is The Best Way to Catch A Cheating Spouse Who is Very Clever?

Knowing that our partner cheat is one of the bad things that we don’t want to happen. But, if it’s happening and we realize that there are some emotional change that makes us can’t sleep at night because we keep thinking about it, we need to face it. What is the best way to catch […]

What to Do When Your Boyfriend Has Feelings for Someone Else? Check Out This Love Tips

We all know that relationship issues are usually quite complicated. Being able to change your status from single into couple is just the start. Along the way, a lot of things might happen. Perhaps it’s your mother not approving your relationship to get any serious. Most of the time, it’s the love that’s not strong […]

What Should I Do If My Boyfriend Kissed Another Girl in Front of Me?

We are all understand that a relationship will require both parties commitment. Not only commitment, but trust, and real act will be needed in order to make a long lasting relationship. We do forgive and forget the problem that appeared during our relationship journey. But, there are some problem that we need to get it […]

How to Tell Your Brother when His Girlfriend Is Cheating with Someone Else

Delivering a bad news to a brother you love is not something that you look forward to. This case can be difficult if it’s about cheating. So you caught your brother’s girlfriend cheating but you don’t want to keep it to yourself. You want your brother to know ASAP but you’re not sure how to […]