How Do You Tell Your Girlfriend Parents Their Daughter is Pregnant?

Both planned and unplanned life is always unpredictable. We might feel like we already did something so carefully, but the results can be different. The same thing can be happening within a relationship especially when nowadays promiscuity is developing. So, how do you tell your girlfriend parents their daughter is pregnant? Lucky you, here are […]

How to Tell A Guy You Miss Him Without Being Clingy and Needy?

It really is hard not to miss your partner or crush when both of you are apart and away from each other for some time. Some people are still within the phase or period where they are trying to get to know someone that they like better, so they don’t want to ruin their effort […]

What to Say to Your Girlfriend When She Thinks She is Pregnant?

Asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for a permission, that’s what other people say. But it will surely hard to ask for a forgiveness once you did a mistake that stick to someone whole her life, especially once you decided  not to take responsibility on it. So, to leave everyone happy you will need […]

What Does It Mean When Someone Pushes You Away in Their Sleep? (Beware of No.1)

Cuddling at night in bed could be one of the things that makes everyone want to be in a relationship. Come on, the best way to fall asleep for some people would be in their loved ones’ arms. It’s warm, it feels nice, and it’s just comfortable. Why short girl and tall boy are cute […]

Reasons to Choose the Girl with the Complicated Past and How to Love Her Right

People say, we learn best from experience. It’s hard to say someone is skilled when that person has only been studying behind his or her desk. When that person goes hand on, the true skill shown. Perhaps, this could be the base for one of the reasons to choose the girl with the complicated past. […]

Why Do I Keep Thinking About My Ex When I Have A New Boyfriend? What’s Best to Do?

It’s human nature to either constantly think of something we could not have. The worst thing is when the one thing we are stuck on is our ex when we already have someone that loves us in the present moment. It is not fair to you and your current boyfriend to keep thinking of someone […]

What Was the Last Straw That Made You Break up with a Possessive, Jealous, and Controlling Boyfriend?

A possessive, jealous, and controlling boyfriend are all clear signs of an abusive and manipulative boyfriend. They can physically harm, arouse fear on a partner, as well as other effects that all lead to two words: domestic violence. When you’re completely head over heels for your boyfriend, sometimes it’s hard to see the signs of […]

What to Say to A Girl on Your First Month Anniversary – Celebrate The Love

Celebrating one month with your loved one should be very special. Every lasting relationship begins with Day One. To make your girlfriend feel special, you can give her gifts that will make him happy, spend quality time doing something fun together. Make sure it is something you both enjoy, or is new to both of […]

Why Short Girl and Tall Boy Are Cute Couple That Makes People Envy?

Sometimes people who becomes couple are those who have traits that are different. One’s chatty, one’s not so talkative. One’s always calm and patience, one gets angry easily. One’s super tall, and one’s just about their partner’s chest. Short girl and tall boy, they seem so distant from each other. But the thing is, they […]

What Not to Do to A Virgo Man – The Do’s and Dont’s

Virgo man is known as intelligent and very practical. Because of his practical behavior, most Virgo men are quite ambitious to be successful. His intelligence and practical which lead him easier to be a successful person has become a positive point for women to choose him. However, the Virgo man is also known as the […]