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31 Lovable Reasons Why You Should Date A Dancer

In the first parts of our life, we are convinced that we can find ‘the one’ in an instant. We think that because you two are meant to be you can get together. But what if you need to be the one to search for them? The first group of people you need to search […]

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33 Justified Reasons Why You Should Date A Law Student

Justice is something that is searched for by everyone in our country because it is how we keep things going. On the other hand, love is also a thing that is deeply wanted by people. Is it possible to combine both? Dating a law student is the answer to the question above. They might look […]

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31 Lovely Reasons Why You Should Date A South Indian Girl

Dating someone is not an easy job. It requires an eye like an eagle to spot the person who will be great for you. But what if you don’t have to look for long when the answer is so simple? A south Indian girl may not be the answer you usually hear for a dating […]

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Cool Reasons Why You Should Date A Volleyball Player

Dating can be a tough ride when you don’t even know who to pick at first. But don’t worry, there are some hidden tricks in who to pick as your next dating target. The trick is to look at what they do. A volleyball player is a great example. They are strong, resilient, and they […]

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Disadvantages Of Dating In High School For Young Lovers

Dating always feels good because it means you have someone you love as a person that will be by your side. This is a great way to boost your happiness. But be careful, it could lead you to a bad outcome in some era of your life. High school is the time for the balance […]

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30 Logical Reasons Why You Should Date A Pharmacist

Searching for love is always a hard thing to do especially with all the options that is provided because there are a variety of people. But what if you can determine who you are compatible with through your profession? A pharmacist is someone that handles medicinal drugs. They are precise and they have hidden qualities. […]

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25 Reasons Why You Should Date The Outgoing Introvert

Reasons why you should date the outgoing introvert? Introvert, who are they? An introvert is one type of personality type who prefer to be alone rather than hang out with friends. These people usually have such features; more silent, a thinker, preferring to tell stories in writing, do more work than talking, and else. Do […]

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47 Advantageous Benefits of Dating a Germany Girl

It's always challenging to date someone from other country. As they have a different background, culture, and customs, you will gain something new. Just like how different Chinese Dating Etiquette from Dating Culture in England, there's some particular rules in Dating Culture in Germany. Germany girls are also challenging to date since they have particular culture […]

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38 Things Your Boyfriend Secretly Wants from You But Never Tell

Men always said that women are hard to handle because the barely speak up their mind. They wished their men know what they want without any single word spoken. The stereotype has going over a centuries and likely hard to change. However, women are not like that forever. Never think that because women barely said […]

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41 Secret Things Your Boyfriend is Thinking But Won't Tell You

People said that naked truth is better than the best dressed lies. But sometime your boyfriend has other thoughts. For him, it’s better to keep things secret rather than causing some fights that can be dangerous for your relationship. So instead of saying the truth, he'd rather find the best Ways to Say How Much You […]

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