My Girlfriend Wants To Party And I Don't, What Can I Do?

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It's Friday Night!

Lots of cool kids would say it out loud and every wild soul is called for it. If your girlfriend is pretty one of them, don't be surprised when she invites you too tonight.

However, we all know not everyone has the same taste within the personality. You might want to stay in bed all night to rest up the long and hard weekdays you had.


Here Are My Girlfriend Wants To Party And I Don't

No matter how much you say that you don't want to come, your girlfriend insists for you to join her which is kind of annoying. You just can't stand the spotlight, the loud music, and other clubbing stuff yet you also don't want to let her go there without you.

If you're asking about my girlfriend wants to party and I don't, so here are what you can do.

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1. Tell Her The Reason You Don't Want To Come In

You must have your own reason why you don't want to join her for the party. Who knows maybe she already expects it from weeks ago.

Therefore, you need to tell her the reason she would accept so she won't disappointed by your absence.

2. Skip The Invitation, Do It Later

It isn't like you don't like to go to the party, but you just don't feel like going today. You can reassure your girlfriend that you skip her invitation now and probs going the next Friday.

3. Ask About Her Companion

Instead of sitting and asking my girlfriend wants to party and I don't, you should ask her with whom she'd go tonight.

Especially when you are the type that gets jealous easily, you may want to know either her group has a single man or not so you can warn her before.

4. Get To Know Her Group

get to know her group

You'll gain advantages when you get to know your girlfriend's group. Also, you can reassure yourself that she is in good hands.

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5. Know More About Her Intention

If her craving for a party is just intense, you should try to learn what's her intention. Is it only to having fun or maybe she has someone to meet on the dance floor.

6. Find Out About The Event

If you wonder about my girlfriend wants to party and I don't, then you may want to find out more about the party event especially what makes her tend to really want to go.

7. Try To Keep In Touch

Even though you're not coming, make sure you keep in touch with her. She might not want you to disturb her while she's on it so you better know the portion of texts or calls you do.

8. Make Sure She's Going Home Safely

You probably want to ask her friend to help her get into her apartment safely after the party especially when you know that your girl is that kind of party-drunk gals.

Or, be a man and pick her up!

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9. Invite Her To Do Something Else Together

You can try to suggest her anything else besides go to the party this Friday night if you really don't want to come. It is a good chance to make her forget about her plan.

10. Trust Her

What can I do if my girlfriend wants to party and I don't, you said? All you can do is trust her.

If she has been loyal to you and you've never been caught her lying or hiding something from you, then you can always trust her to do whatever she enjoys.

Signs You Can Trust Your Girlfriend Out For Party

signs you can trust your girlfriend out for party

Here are signs you can trust your girlfriend out for a party.

1. She Is Trustworthy

If you know that your girl is kind of a trustworthy people, then no need to worry about she is out without you around.

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2. She Always Calls You Before Going

It is a good sign if they ask for permission before she is going by calling you first.

3. She Gives You Her Friend's Number

You can rest a bit if you already have her friend's number.

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4. She Went Home On Time

She promises you to go home right away after the party is over. If she already did it before, then mostly you can trust her words.

5. You Know You Can Trust Her

You don't need anything to prove since you know you can trust her.

More Tips When Your Girlfriend Wants To Party And You Don't

Here are more tips when your girlfriend wants to party and you don't.

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1. Don't Text Her Million Times

Never attack her with your million times calls and texts. Let just her enjoy her time.

2. No Need To Be Jealous

If your girl is a party girl then she obviously has so many guy friends and that's normal. No need to be jealous!

3. Ask Why She Likes It

Maybe you can start by asking her what parts she likes about going to a party.

4. Forcing Yourself To Go

If you really that worry about your girl, then force yourself to go with her.

5. Make Yourself Busy

make yourself busy

Or you can also enjoy your alone time.

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