What to Do When A Guy Uses Too Much Tongue? Filthy Signs

Opening the door for his girlfriend, holding hands, hugs, and kisses are just some of the romantic gesture that someone can shows to let his partner how much he loves her. But, what to do when a guy uses too much tongue? When you feel uncomfortable but you don’t want to make him feels bad. […]

Are Muslim People Forbidden to Kiss Before Marriage? How They Show Love, Then?

In Islam, physical contact between members of the opposite sex is prohibited. Most people think a handshake is a normal thing to do, but some Muslims would not even want to shake hands with the opposite sex. According to the hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), he said that it is better for a Muslim to […]

How to Tell a Guy You Kissed You Don’t Like Him

We know that a kiss is one of the ways on how people show their affection toward others. Most of the time we think if someone kisses you then they probably attract to you and even love you. Learn about this too How to Tell a Guy You Want to Kiss Him Over Text. After […]

How to Tell a Guy You Want to Kiss Him Over Text

You can show affection to your loved one by landed a kiss for them. It is also the most exciting part when you’re dating and also help deepen your bond. Even though they might be the one that always starts it, there are times when you just miss and craving for their kiss. It’s definitely […]

How to Tell If a Guy Wants to Kiss You at the Movies

Movie-date is still one of the classics yet fun ways to hanging out around. Going along with it, we may see this guy tries to take a chance to get closer to you such as by giving you a kiss. Here are how to tell if a guy wants to kiss you at the movies […]

How to Kiss Perfectly Step by Step For Beginners (Kissing Tutorials)

There are so many things that we can do to express our feelings to someone we love. And different people will have different ways to express their love feelings to someone they love. When it comes to love and the expression of loving, we will know that there is one action that is so close […]

How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Want to Kiss Him Over Text

Kissing could one of the big and the most interesting part when we are in a relationship. We can’t help but turned on when we see our boyfriend. Of course it’s not a sin. Wanting to kiss your boyfriend is perfectly normal. But not everyone can simple initiate the kiss. Some girls tend to wait […]

Can Friends Kiss Each Other on The Cheek – The Romance Begins?

Kiss on the cheek, this habit is the usual thing we do when we meet up with friends or family. However, do you know what is the reason your friends kissing on the cheek? Below are some of the reasons your friends can kiss one another on the cheek. 1. It is reasonable Can friends […]

25 Ways on How to Kiss Someone on The Cheek Without It Being Awkward

It is easy how to kiss someone on the cheek without it being awkward, you must let go of your awkward’s feeling. Someone could be awkward to kiss her cheek because he could be embarrassed or maybe because this is his first thing. Below the following here are some reasons why someone kissing on the cheek becomes […]

I Kissed Another Guy when I Was Drunk, Should I Tell My Boyfriend?

I kissed another guy when I was drunk should I tell my boyfriend? It’s a complicated question that can lead to different endings. You’re not really sure of the right thing to do and you’re scared of how your boyfriend will react if you tell him the truth. So before you do anything, you should […]