This is What To Do If a Girl Unfollows You on Instagram

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Who says that Instagram is just another social media? No, it’s not just it. Generally, nobody never take social media seriously. Internet users believe that your acts regarding the social media things is the mirror of yourself – regardless the truth.

That is enough explaining why you become quite freaked out when you notice that a girl unfollows you on Instagram. What the hell is going on? Why did she unfollow me? Is there anything wrong? Also read What To Do When a Guy Unfollows You on Instagram

So, what to do is a girl unfollows you on Instagram?

Here we’re going to get you some useful tips on how should you deal with the girl who apparently hit the unfollow button on your account. Especially when she is someone you like, you must be in a panic mode right away.

  1. Reach Out to Her

You never know why did she unfollow you unless you ask her about it. This is why you need to reach out to her. Who knows that it was just a mistake that she accidentally hit the wrong button on her phone?

You can reach her by any means: text, call, DMs. But you may not get a response from her so don’t be disappointed when it happens. By reaching out to her shows that you really care about the relationship. Also read How Do You Ask A Girl For Her Number On Instagram?

Or, simply, you don’t want to lose her. You want to make sure that everything okay so even though she doesn’t follow you on Instagram you two don’t have any bad things in real life.

  1. Acknowledge the Bitter Truth

If she is hard to be reached out, days with no response, abandoning all your efforts, then it’s probably time to recognize the bitter truth. She might never tell you and you will always be kept in the dark about her reasons of unfollowing you.

Regardless of whether she is your friend or your crush, there are one thing you can conclude in this: she is not good person for you. At times, you don’t know who are the toxic persons around you until nature acts by itself.

  1. Understand Her Situation

She may tell you or she may doesn’t tell you but surely she has her own reasons for unfollowing you. Your job is to be understanding to her situations. A few days after this unfollowing accident you might find her walking down the street with her new boyfriend. Also read How to Get Your Crush’s Attention on Instagram

So if she is your crush then she must be sorry or uncomfortable and she thought that if you don’t know anything about her love life will be better for both of you. But if she is your close friend, she might unfollowed you because she respects her new boyfriend.

  1. Don’t Take It Personally

Her decision to erase you from her social media might not be anything about you. What to do when a girl unfollows you on Instagram is by trying not to take it personally. It’s impossible that you are number one for everyone you know and vice versa. Also read Signs a Girl Likes You on Social Media

Probably it’s not because of you but it’s just her doing personal work for herself. She could be on a social media diet and currently selecting people that she wants to keep in life. If you’re not one of them, doesn’t mean you’re not good enough to be kept.

  1. You May Feel Sad About It

Well, if you are not sad already you won’t be landing on this page at the first place. As social media gives more negative psychological effects than the positive, being unfollowed must be troublesome for you. Also read How Do I Chat With An Unknown Girl In Instagram?

But have you ever thought that probably your feed make her sad as well? If she is your ex then it must hard for her to see you post about your new relationship every time? So if you want to grieve over your ended friendship with her, then be.

  1. Let Go

Final stage is always letting go. It is how everyone can grow. Not everything in life goes as you planned it or want it to be. This is one of them. You wish you can stay friends with her online but the fact is she unfollowed you. Wish her for the best regardless and don’t leave any hard feelings in that.

Those are everything we got about what to do when a girl unfollows you on Instagram. We hope our article could help you. And if anyone had similar experience, do share with other through the comment section below. Sharing is caring!