Gemini Man Behavior In Love With Aquarius Woman?

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Someone who falls in love surely shows the signs that he is falling in love. But, sometime it is hard for us to notice and extrovert like Gemini man when he is in love.

So, here are some tips to see on the Gemini man behavior in love with Aquarius woman.


1. Begin To Have A Gentleman Personality

Gemini has the personality type of enjoying things around him. He loves his freedom and he knows how to enjoy it. But, most of the time Gemini is unreliable most of the time because he is easily get attracted to new things.

One of the signs a shy Gemini man likes you is he starts showing the gentleman side of him. He tried to be more care to you, he will watch you, and trying to be the best person that you can rely to.

2. Visit Your Family

visit your family

As someone who wants to have a serious relationship and currently really in love with somebody, of course you want to make sure that everything is certain. You will want to make sure that your crush also want to have a serious relationship with you.

This is what Gemini man will do, he will visit your family because he wants to get to know better about the people who are close to you. This opportunity can be used to see the signs your boyfriend family doesn’t like you and vice versa.

3. He Will Talk More

Gemini man knows exactly how to impress a girl in chat conversation. The good news is, he will not only impress you through chat, but he will also impress you in real life. We can see that Gemini man is a very social person, he loves to surround himself with his friends and talk to people.

But, once a Gemini man is in love with someone, he will talk a lot more with people. You can see that he will be very nice and very chatty with other people when you go out with him. This kind of charm, will make you fall in love deeper with him.

4. He Will Be Open To You

he will be open to you

Love is based on trust. Because you trust someone that you love, you will eventually trust that person with your story. You can see the signs a man is emotionally connected to you from a Gemini man who falls in love.

He will share his story, his ups and downs with you, he does this because he trusts you. He will be open and honest to you because he knows that you are the person that he wants to build a relationship with.

Aquarius Woman Personality

Aside from the Gemini man behavior in love with Aquarius woman, the information about Aquarius woman personality is as important as Gemini man behavior.

By then, we can start analyzing, the Gemini man's woman type and knowing what qualities does a Gemini man look for in a woman.

1. Think Outside The Box

Aquarius woman is a smart person and she often thinks out side the box. And this is one of the answer of what does Gemini man like about Aquarius woman. Both Gemini and Aquarius are attracted to an intelligent conversation.

Having a partner that has the same or higher knowledge will surely attract them. Intelligent becomes something attractive for both Gemini and Aquarius because they are attracted to learn more from their interlocutor.

2. Communication Is Important For Her

communication is important to her

Aquarius woman also that type of person that has a big concern on communication.

She will always try to communicate frequently with the one she loves. She also loves someone who is able to play with word nicely, such as creating poem to impress her.

You can imagine how the characteristics of Aquarius women in love. She will get addicted to get to know her partner better. And there will be no reason for her to run out of the topic to talk or discuss with her partner.

3. Free-Soul

When Aquarius woman wants to go somewhere to travel or to simply enjoy the time for herself then she will do it. She is a free-soul type of person, where she does not like to be ordered until she can't enjoy her freedom.

There is no need to try so hard on knowing how to make an Aquarius man fall in love with a Gemini woman or vice versa. Because just by being herself, Aquarius woman can attract Gemini man since both of them share the same personality trait which is free-soul.

Gemini man behavior in love with Aquarius woman can be seen very obvious. And since someone who is in love will love their crush very hard, then you need to confirm as soon as possible whether you love him back or not.

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