List of the Most Annoying Song That Will Get Stuck in Your Head

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Music is a work of art that need to be appreciated no matter what. Not because not everyone can write music but it brings something to our soul. Some music are just so connected and related it makes us falling in love in instance. At most times we love music because it voices what’s inside our heart.

Some music are just too good, too good that it annoyingly stuck inside our head. These kind of music don’t need our likings. You can come across it once on the radio or when you walk down the street but it sticks with you forever. It’s so annoyingly catchy it painfully fill in your head.

Have you ever experienced this? What are the most annoying song that will get stuck in your head – whether it’s good or bad? We’ve got the list of it, and you probably nod your head as you go down through. So let’s get started.

  1. Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

This breakout song was out back in 2012 and quickly dominated several major chart thanks to it catchy note. It was still going strong a few years after and even now you must be still remember the song. Also read Taylor Swift Best Breakup Songs to Listen After a Breakup

The global phenomenon was partly thanks to Justin Bieber, Jepsen’s fellow Canadian who tweeted the song, made it goes viral shortly after. This song also inspired many parodies as made by 2012 Men’s Olympic Swim Team, Harvard Baseball Team, and more around the world.

  1. Gangnam Style by Psy

Released on the same year as Call Me Maybe, Gangnam Style was a global phenomenon. The song was in full Korean with sprinkle of English, but it didn’t stop the song from sitting comfortably as the runner up of Billboard Hot 100!

The heavy bass was addictive, not to mention the horse riding dance at the chorus. This song set numerous records as well as breaking the previous ones.

Oppa Gangnam Style!

  1. Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

This Miley Cyrus was the innocent Disney girl who made us falling in love with. Now she has found her true self (hopefully) and living happily with her husband, hunky Australian Liam Hemsworth.

Party in the USA was a radio hit that debuted at no. 2 on Billboard Hot 100 and secured the top place shortly after. The song got stuck in everyone’s head, even if you’re not fan of Miley. It was perfect for celebration and it doesn’t get old.

  1. Barbie Girl by Aqua

I’m a Barbie girl / In a Barbie world / Live in plastic / It’s fantastic

The song could have born in 1997, but today’s kids seem familiar with this one too. It’s just how phenomenal the song was – or is. Not only the lyric but the distinctive voice of Lene Nystrøm, the Danish group’s lead vocalist make it stuck in your head, like, forever.

However, the song must face lawsuit filed by Mattel, the company who owned Barbie’s copyright. Eventually it was dismissed and Barbie Girl remained a part of 90’s pop culture.

  1. Poker Face by Lady Gaga

Oh, hello there Little Monsters!

Thank God there’s Poker Face, a song that made Lady Gaga who she is today. The Mother Monsters has many addictive song such as Just Dance, but Poker Face is different. It rich of beats along with easy-to-be-remembered lyric, make it stuck in your head immediately. Also read Why You Should Love BTS

P-p-p-poker face / P-p-p poker face

  1. My Humps by Black Eyed Peas

One of the most annoying song that will get stuck in your head is here. It was a song from the band’s 2005 album Monkey Business. Despite all the negative critics, My Humps became the most successful hit from the album. The lyric was sexually suggestive but the repetitive tone stick in your head forever.

This earworm song was a mix of hip hop and pop, makes you want to dance immediately as soon as you hear the first beat. Also, the most unforgettable Fergie’s “lovely lady lumps” is another addictive factor of the song.

  1. Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani

Hollaback Girl was a song featured in Stefani’s first solo album ‘Love. Angle. Music. Baby’ after she announced her break from No Doubt. Not needed to say, Hollaback Girl was the most popular song from the album, even earned the title as the first song to reach a million digital download. Quite an achievement as it was released on 2004.

The catchy rap of the singer just can’t leave you alone. Also read How to Get EXO Notice You During Their Concert

  1. Wannabe by Spice Girls

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends / Make it last forever friendship never ends / If you wanna be my lover, you have got to give / Taking is too easy, but that's the way it is

Spice Girls could had been active – and disbanded – before most of us were born, but there’s no way you don’t know this song. The five British girl broke the domination of popular boyband during mid 2000s like Backstreet Boys, Westlife, and New Kids on the Block.

They cemented status as most popular girl band of all time with this ever addictive song. This song had deep meaning, telling to all girls out there to put friendship over dating. It never get old, right?

  1. Single Ladies by Beyoncé

Another girl power song, this time comes from Queen Bey herself. Single Ladies was a 2008 hit from her album ‘I Am… Sasha Fierce.’ The upbeat song told a story about a girl who runs intoher ex while she’s having a night out with her friends. Something relatable to all of us.

But this was not only Beyoncé’s most popular and catchy song. She has hundreds of it! go browse the Spotify now. Also read Why Should You Never Date a Musician

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So those are our list of the most annoying song that will stuck in your head forever. Do you think just the same or you’ve got your own?

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