6 Important Things to Know Before Going on A Tinder Date

Last updated on February 5, 2024 by Michelle Devani

There are some condition where we are faced with a hard time during a relationship. For example, long distance relationship, real reasons why dating an only child is difficult, and many more factors or problem that may make the relationship become more difficult.

Nowadays, there are a lot of dating apps that we can try to find a crush. One of the apps is known as Tinder. Today I would like to share some things to know before going on a tinder date to make sure that you are about to meet the right person.

What to know before a tinder date

To start, here are some things to know before going on a tinder date.

1. Prepare a conversation

When you decided to go to a tinder date it means that you are attracted to that person you found on tinder. Whether you are planning to have a serious relationship later on or not with a particular person on tinder, you need to figure it out first based on the conversation that you are going to have during the date.

And to get to know each other better, you need to know how to start a conversation with your crush for the first time. Some preparation needed to help you to get to know him better, but make sure you keep it light and enjoyable during the first date.

2. Meet in public

Second thing you need to know is, you need to set the date on a public place. Make sure that you are going to see him in a place where there are a lot of people there. Because, no matter how good his act to you through chat or call, but he still a total stranger.

And you will not be able to know someone's personality that deep only in a one time date. So, you need to know about how to ask your crush out without embarrassing yourself and you have to set the place for your date yourself.

3. Tell a friend about your dating

Last thing that you need to know is it will be better for you to tell your friend that you are about to go out on a tinder date. By telling your friend or someone that is close to you and you trust will help you to make you safe. At least, someone needs to know what you are up to and where you are about to go, so they will not be worried about you.

Do's and don'ts on a tinder date

There are some do's and don'ts that you need to know too. Please consider this for your own safety.

1. Don't make a date for a revenge or an escape

First things first, never go on a tinder date after you have been trough some emotional break downs. This emotional breakdowns can be caused by many things, for example is your break up with your ex boyfriend, etc. A good relationship should be based on self love.

And you should never expect happiness from other people because it will tear you apart in the end of the day. Know how to cheer yourself up after a bad breakup with your lover to make sure that you are ready for a new relationship.

2. Don't link your Instagram

Tinder has a feature where you can link your Tinder account to your Instagram account. You need to take everything in one step at the time. Slow but sure is the best way to get to know of someone on Tinder. Besides, this will also help you to avoid some people who love to spam your social media account only to get something that they want from you for example, your photos.

3. Do make a surprise

One from many things to know before dating a girl who is perpetually single is to know her character about shocking moment that may happen. The surprise that I mentioned here is not a sweet surprise like giving her a flower or sweet words. You can do something that can reveal her personality a little bit for example, you spill your water. Through that accident you can actually see whether she is mad, or angry, or what she does in reacting toward that condition.

So, those are the important things to know before going on a tinder date. I hope you can find this information useful and remember to be careful to go out with a stranger no matter how nice looking they are on chat. Thank you for giving your time to read this article until the end. And please find out more article on this website, such as tips for dating a woman older than you.

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