Why Do I Want My Boyfriend To Hit Me? Should I Stay When He Does So?

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Problems in a relationship is not just about jealousy and boredom. Violence, is also one of the problems that occurs a lot in a relationship. This is surely not something to belittled on. When a guy hit a girl, it's quite a serious thing that should be reconsidered and taken action on. Girls would probably dump someone like this, at least in their heart, they do.

But the thing is, you might feel something uncommon about this. Instead of feeling offended, you feel like it would be better if your boyfriend hit you. Why do i want my boyfriend to hit me? This would probably be the thing that you're thinking over. Here are few possible reasons that could explain what you're feeling:


1. It's Better Than Him Hurting Me Mentally

it's better than him hurting me mentally

Getting hit on by a guy is surely not a pleasurable thing. No one would want this to happen, normally. But then when you have an abusive boyfriend by heart, someone who always abuse and hurt your feelings, you might think that getting hit on physically would be better.

It's just that he has hurt you deeply, offend you, make you feel like nothing by his words or actions. The way he treats you, is just terrible that you would prefer him hitting you physically than mentally. You think, it could be the only possible ways to leave an emotionally abusive relationship, when it's just a new world of physically abusive relationship.

2. You Want To End Everything

Your boyfriend might be there, but he's probably never be there for you. You might even feel like you actually are single. Perhaps your boyfriend ignore you, or treat you like no one.

He isn't cheating on you, you have no applicable reason to leave him, when you actually really want that. What was the last straw that made you break up with a possessive, jealous, and controlling boyfriend? It'd probably be him hitting you, abusing you physically, right?

If he just do something wrong to you, hitting you, then you would have the very reason to let him go and end everything at once.

3. You're A Black Belter

Perhaps your boyfriend treats you in an unpleasant way, taking you as granted, and hurt your feelings numerous times. Perhaps he doesn't. However, you'd prefer him hitting you physically since you're someone who can defense yourself just fine.

You probably have learned various self-defense sport, such as taekwondo, krav maga, etc. Getting hit on by him would feel like nothing to a superwoman like you.

There are various possible reasons that could answer your question about why do i want my boyfriend to hit me. However, instead of keep on thinking about that, you should start to think in a proper state of mind. You're a girl, and he's a guy. It's not cool at all for a guy to hit on a girl physically. Even if in that case, the girl secretly wish that to happen.

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Hits You

what to do when your boyfriend hits you

If your boyfriend really hit on you, here are few things that you could probably do:

1. Make It Clear

Tell your guy, that you have your standard. Make it clear to him that you're not that kind of girl who will be okay no matter what he does to you. Say what you think and feel about him hitting you, honestly. This would make him realize that you do have a standard and if he can't fulfill that, he should just take a step back.

2. Learn Some Self-Defense Tricks

When a guy hit a girl, he will use power. A guy power, is definitely stronger than a girl, most of the time. This is why you need to learn some technique so that you can defend yourself and win over his strength.

You need to know this so that you can protect yourself, in case your boyfriend won't listen to your standard and keep on abusing you. However, of course this is different from what to do when your husband is verbally and emotionally abusive.

3. Cut It Off

If a guy can't even respect you as a woman when you're still dating, then what would happen when you both step into a more serious stage of relationship? When a guy can hurt you even physically without worries, then what's the point of staying there and getting hit?

You need to remember that it's better to be single and happy rather than in a relationship but abused. But, how long does it take to get over an emotionally abusive relationship? It might not be that instant and quick. However, when you have checklist the signs you're ready to leave your abusive relationship, then it's time to pack everything up and go.

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